Why Choose Dr. Deutsch

Compassionate Behavioral Neurologist and Dementia Specialist in Long Island, NY

Doctors’ appointments for patients with dementia can be very challenging, especially when the appointment is specifically about the person’s cognitive problems, of which they may not be aware. Dr. Deutsch treats every patient and family member with warmth and kindness, and finds creative solutions to navigate the complexities of evaluating a patient who may not realize, remember, or understand what they are being evaluated for.  Patients leave the office visit feeling positive, even in the face of difficult discussions.

You can trust Dr. Deutsch to treat the patient and their family with the utmost care, respect, compassion, and gentle touch.

A visit with Dr. Deutsch is unique, combining the types of conversations you might have with a neurologist, a psychiatrist, a neuropsychologist, a therapist, a social worker, and a geriatrician. Her comprehensive approach is what allows her to not only diagnose the condition, but also guide the patient and family to a plan that will maximize cognitive health and quality of life.

Let Dr. Deutsch Help.