Preparing for Your First Visit

Practice Notices and Forms

All intake forms must be reviewed and signed prior to the visit with Dr. Deutsch. These are mostly forms required by law to notify you of your privacy rights and other regulations.

Forms are available via the Patient Portal . If the forms cannot be completely electronically, please call (516) 636-3873.

Medical Records

Please send medical records to Dr. Deutsch at least 1 week prior to the appointment, to ensure there is ample time to review everything, and if anything appears missing you can be notified ahead of time to collect it before the visit.

Medical records can be sent via:

  • Portal: Uploading to the HIPAA secure Patient Portal (best option)
  • Fax: HIPAA secure fax to (516) 210-2616
  • Email: email to Please note that Emails from the Office of Dr. Deutsch can be made HIPAA secure, but in order for your sent email to be HIPAA secure you would need to use a HIPAA secure email service. Go to Secure My Email to secure your own email for free before sending it. Please note that if you do not secure your email, there is a possibility that information you include in the email can be intercepted and read by other parties besides the person to whom it is addressed.

Medical records to send should include (when applicable):

  • Consultation and/or progress notes from other neurologist(s)
  • The last progress note from the primary care doctor
  • Discharge summary and records from any recent hospitalization
  • All prior neuropsychological testing
  • All reports of prior brain imaging (head CT, brain MRI, FDG PET scan, and/or amyloid PET scan)
  • All bloodwork from another neurologist
  • If a spinal tap/lumbar puncture was performed as part of a neurologic workup, please obtain those results as well
  • Bloodwork from the last 1 year from the primary care doctor
  • Report from a prior sleep study that diagnosed sleep apnea

If prior brain imaging was performed, please obtain the CD of the images as well:

  • If the images are from the following locations, then no need to obtain the CD (Dr. Deutsch has imaging-portal logins for these facilities):
    • Lenox Hill Radiology
    • Main Street Radiology
    • Mount Sinai: You will need to fill out a release form and send the request to Mount Sinai Medical Records in order to grant Dr. Deutsch access to the images online
    • NewYork-Presbyterian – Weill Cornell Imaging: You will need to login to their patient portal and share the images with
    • Northwell Health
    • NYU Langone
    • Stand-Up MRI
    • Zwanger-Pesiri
  • For all other facilities, to obtain the CD call the location where you scheduled that appointment and either ask them to mail the CD to the office, or pick up the CD and bring it to the appointment.

Please note that you can maximize the benefit from the appointment with Dr. Deutsch if she can review everything beforehand.

Collateral Informant

Since memory loss is being evaluated, it is important to ensure that someone other than the patient is present during the visit. If a caregiver cannot physically be present at the visit, they can be included in the conversation on speakerphone during the visit. Multiple people can be included on speakerphone as long as the patient is comfortable with that.

Let Dr. Deutsch Help.